About Us

For 82 years, IES has been at the forefront of online education.

In over 82 years of experience in higher education, Integrated Education Solutions has been at the forefront of online education. We constantly look for ways to ensure students get the education and skills they need for a changing workplace.

We’re at the Forefront of Online Education

Integrated Education Solutions (IES) is the only online program manager (OPM) to also operate institutions of higher education, so we understand what it takes to successfully graduate students.

As part of DeVry Education Group, We launched DeVry University’s first online course in 1995. We continue to develop, test, refine and apply solutions to meet the challenges of online education in the 21st century.

Collaborating with You to Create an Exceptional Online Experience

Our highly skilled team of 1,650 student advisors, course developers, marketers, project managers, technologists, registrars and trainers are experienced in both onsite and online education. In collaboration with our Academic Partners, we’ll create an exceptional experience for your students, one that ensures they receive the full benefit of your institution’s faculty, cirricula and unique culture.


A pioneer in the industry, DeVry Education Group began offering online education in 1995. As part of DeVry Education Group, DeVry Online Services supports online learning for more than 90,000 students at all degree levels, many academic disciplines and student programs. We are the premier providers of high quality, academic consulting and education-related services, creating value for our Partners and their students by optimizing superior service, innovative technology and efficiencies of scale.